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About Fiduciary Trusteeship Services

Fiduciary Trusteeship Services (FTS) is a wholly Swazi owned entity which provides professional trustee as well as a range of training services. Our company recognises that retirement fund management involves a complex range of legislative, financial, administrative and other core issues that need to be carefully considered by management boards. FTS allows management boards access to professional industry experts to assist with the onerous responsibilities related to managing the business of retirement funds.

The company was founded by Muzi Dlamini who has over 20 years’ experience within the financial services sector in Swaziland, who continues to provide strategic and general support to promote the success of the company as a Director. The business operations are managed by Zethu Shongwe, CFP ®, as Managing Partner. Zethu is a financial planning professional who possess knowledge and experience in employee benefits as well as financial services and trustee training.

Retirement Fund Environment and Reforms

Since the advent of legislation governing retirement funds in Swaziland, trustees and principal officers are faced with critical responsibilities in terms of the Retirement Funds Act, 2005. These duties involve the proper management of retirement funds, investment of assets, distribution of death benefits and other associated functions. For all of these functions, trustees and principal officers need to be able to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities in terms of the relevant Act. In addition, the changing governing framework requires that those entrusted with the management of retirement funds are fully aware of their duties. For instance, trustees must ensure that the rules, operations and administration of the retirement fund complies with the relevant legislation, including but not restricted to the Retirement Funds Act, 2005, the Financial Services Regulatory Act, 2010 and Income Tax Order, 1975.

Why Fiduciary Trusteeship Services?

FTS has been established to assist trustees and employers to minimize the risks associated with the growing number of legislative, compliance and governance issues related to the effective management of retirement funds. The company provides companies and retirement funds access to qualified and experienced professionals in order to gain from the in-depth knowledge and expertise these individuals bring to support the duties of the management board of trustees.