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We offer a wide range of services in the following key areas;

Trustee Training- FSRA Accredited

FTS has developed the program in Fundamentals of Retirements Funds Trusteeship which provides an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of retirement fund officials, including but not limited, to legislative, funding, governance and investment aspects.

The program has been accredited by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and has been structured to equip retirement officials with the necessary skills to successfully undertake the responsibility of Trustee or Principal Officer. The trustee training covers all aspects of retirement fund management necessary for the purposes of furnishing trustees and principal officers with the required skills to meet the FSRA Fit and Proper Guidelines.

Learning & Training Support

Seminar and Workshops

In an effort to impart relevant knowledge and information to the retirement fund sector which include industry developments, each quarter FTS hosts seminars and conferences. These forums mainly focus on fiduciaries in the financial services industry, drawing attendance from the regulator, retirement fund officials and employers as well as service providers.

Financial Services Training

The company provides training support to financial planners, brokers, asset manager representatives as well as individuals who have the responsibility of rendering insurance, financial services, investment, debt counselling or credit advice.

Management and Supervisor Training

These training programs are designed to provide participants with strategies to improve leadership outcomes and cover aspects such as relationship-management, time management, ethical leadership, mentorship, coaching as well as performance management.

Retire in Dignity and Wellness

The company offers learning programs designed for individuals between 5-10 years to retirement age. The aim is to empower course participants with the best practice in financial planning, practical life skills and well as providing one on one counselling. The program provides pro-active financial planning strategies related to post working life in order for retirees to adequately deal with changing circumstances

Professional Trustee and Principal Officer Services

To minimize the risks associated with the growing number of legislative, compliance and governance issues involved, management boards of trustees have the option to appoint independent trustees or principal officers to assist the board to manage the affairs of the retirement fund. The independent official is typically someone with skills within the area of retirement fund management or other specialist fields.

Retirement Fund Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Good governance of retirement funds is of particular importance for the reason that the decisions and actions of trustees are key to member outcomes. In ensuring good governance, the management board of trustees are required to implement the recommendations in the Retirement Fund Governance Guidelines, 2010, issued by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

FTS is able to assist management boards to develop appropriate governance strategy guidelines, risk management structures, code of conduct and other regulatory related policies to ensure retirement funds are able to comply with the appropriate governance standards, which are outlined in the Retirement Fund Governance Guidelines.